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Joanna Tyrowicz


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since 2017

Research Associate at the Institute for Labour Law and Industrial Relations in the European Union, Trier University.


2012 - present

GRAPE- Group for Research in Applied Economics, Poland.


2009 - present

Short term consultant, The World Bank.

Engagements: labor market projects in Croatia, Moraque and Poland.


2006 - present

Associate Professor (tenured) at the University of Warsaw, Poland.

Faculty of Economics (2006-2017) and Faculty of Management (2017-present)

Teaching: advanced macro, econometrics, labor economics, development economics.



PhD, University of Warsaw, Poland

"Institutional Determinants of Investment Processes in Poland – Selected Issues", Summa Cum Laude.



M.Sc, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium.

"Institutions, Technology Diffusion and Growth", Summa Cum Laude.



BA and MA, University of Warsaw, Poland.

"Welfare and Growth Aspects of the International Transfers", Summa Cum Laude





  • labor and development economics


  • inequality


  • demographics





Tyrowicz, Joanna, Krzysztof Makarski und Magda Malec (forthcoming):

Evaluating welfare and economic effects of raised fertility,

Population and Development Review.

also: IAAEU Discussion Paper 02/2019.


Tyrowicz, Joanna, Oliwia Komada and Pawel Strzelecki (forthcoming):

A Regression Discontinuity Evaluation of Reducing Early Retirement Eligibility in Poland,

International Journal of Manpower.

also: IAAEU Discussion Paper 10/2018.


Tyrowicz, Joanna, Krzysztof Makarski and Marcin Bielecki (forthcoming):

Inequality in an OLG Economy with Heterogeneous Cohorts and Pension Systems,

Journal of Economic Inequality.

also: IAAEU Discussion Paper 08/2018.


Tyrowicz, Joanna, Magdalena Smyk and Lucas van der Velde (forthcoming):

A Cautionary Note on the Reliability of the Online Survey Data – The Case of Wage Indicator,

Sociological Methods and Research.

also: IAAEU Discussion Paper 05/2018.

also: IZA Discussion Paper 11503

also: GRAPE Working Paper 27.


Tyrowicz, Joanna and Krzysztof Makarski (forthcoming):

On Welfare Effects of Increasing Retirement Age,

Journal of Policy Modeling.

also: IAAEU Discussion Paper 04/2018.

also: IZA Discussion Paper 11441.

also: GRAPE Working Paper 10.


Tyrowicz, Joanna and Magdalena Smyk (forthcoming):

Wage Inequality and Structural Change,

Social Indicators Research.

also: IAAEU Discussion Paper 01/2018.

also: IZA Discussion Paper 11250.

also: GRAPE Working Paper 8.


Tyrowicz, Joanna, Lucas van der Velde and Irene van Staveren (2018):

Does Age Exacerbate the Gender-Wage Gap? New Method and Evidence from Germany 1984-2014,

Feminist Economics, 24(4): 108-130.

also: IAAEU Discussion Paper 03/2018.

also: IZA Discussion Paper 11295.

also: GRAPE Working Paper 24.

also: SOEPpaper 956.


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also: IAAEU Discussion Paper 08/2018.


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How (Not) to Make Women Work?
Social Science Research, 75: 154-167.

also: IAAEU Discussion Paper 06/2018.


Tyrowicz, Joanna and Lucas van der Velde (2018):

Labor Reallocation and Demographics,

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also: IAAEU Discussion Paper 02/2018.


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Gender Wage Gap in Poland – Can It Be Explained by Differences in Observable Characteristics?,


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Blame No One? Investment Decisions of the Polish Stock-Listed Companies,
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Tyrowicz, Joanna, Jan Hagemejer and Jan Svejnar (2018):

Are Rushed Privatizations Substandard? Analyzing Firm-Level Privatization under Fiscal Pressure,

IZA Discussion Papier 11517.